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Julio César Árraga Morales was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on July 31, 1872. At an early age, Julio Arraga demonstrated the ability to capture the beauty of his beloved Maracaibo on canvas and wood.


The great part of Julio Árraga's paintings show the Maracaibo from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Julio Árraga experimented with different styles and techniques applying them to portraits, landscapes and scenes from everyday life. 

Julio Árraga contracted nuptials with María Dolores Zuleta. They had six children: Camelia Blanca, Aura del Campo, Celia Angela, Violeta de los Angeles, Julio César and Tito Angel. 

The artist's family has created this page as a sign of love and deep admiration for the grandfather, Julio Árraga. Admiration and love that has been infused through our parents.  

Commemorating the 140th anniversary of the artist's birth, The State of Zulia granted his memory a posthumous honor. On August 3, 2012, his remains were transferred to the Regional Pantheon of the State of Zulia. This was done a few hours after receiving honors at the Cathedral of Zulia. The Pantheon is destined to shelter the remains of the illustrious Zulians, a legacy for future generations. 

The book titled "Julio Árraga" by Juan Calzadilla, 1972, shows more detail about the artist and his work.

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This page is affectionately dedicated to my grandfather, Julio Arraga, whose artistic career and family life has inspired me to achieve my dreams, and whose artistic legacy fills me with pride and awakens in me a sensitivity for beauty and art. 

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to create this tribute to my grandfather.

Violet Pasquarelli Arraga de Gascón 

         Ocupación (Violeta), 1917.

         Ocupación (Violeta), 1917.

Music from that era ...

"El Diablo Suelto" is a musical composition by the Venezuelan author Heraclio Fernández (1851--1886). It was made in 1888 to the rhythm of waltz. It is one of the most famous made in Venezuela.  

Remembering Violeta ...

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